Surrendering to God in Difficult Times

Everyone experiences difficult times, and it’s hard to find peace when going through them. In my own life, I’ve learned that surrendering to God is the most effective way of finding peace. When we accept who Jesus is, we can receive the peace and freedom He offers us. Let me share my story with you and why I believe surrendering to God is the key to finding true peace.

My Story of Surrender

I used to think that I had all the answers, that I could handle whatever life threw at me. I lived my life my way. But repeatedly things happened, things so awful, so painful, that it threatened to break me. Until it did. That’s when I realized how wrong I was—I couldn’t handle things on my own, no matter how desperately I tried. That’s when my story of surrender began.

I started by turning away from the things I clung to that caused me pain and grief and instead turned towards God. Instead of running away from Him, I ran towards Him with open arms and an open heart.

And as soon as I did that, His love filled every part of me and gave me strength like nothing else ever could have. It was then that I realized what real peace feels like—the peace that only comes from knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life.

 The Power of Surrender

When we surrender our lives to God through accepting who Jesus is, we experience a whole new level of peace and freedom in our lives. This happens because once we accept Jesus and trust Him with our lives, we gain access to His power through the Holy Spirit that can help us overcome any difficulty or trial we face in life.

The power of surrender has been such a blessing in my own life; it has given me strength when things seemed impossible and hope when things looked bleakest—and it can do the same for you too! 

No matter what life throws your way or how much pain you feel inside, always remember this one truth: there is true freedom in surrendering your life to God by accepting who Jesus is.

This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, but you won’t have to face them alone anymore! When we allow ourselves to fully surrender our lives into His hands and trust Him with everything, His love will always be enough for us—no matter what!

So, if you want true peace, start by opening your heart up to God through accepting who Jesus truly is today!